Powder coating engineer 1 person

Job requirement, salary range, ability requirements, career path

Job requirement






Above high school (including high school)


Workshop director

Experience in industry

At least 3 year-experience in powder coating

Job experience

At least 5 year-experience in workshop management

Experience in project

Independently completed project approval, scheduling, implementation and delivery

Knowledge and ability requirements: (required, e.g., knowledge of labor laws and regulations, knowledge of metal forming...)

1Pretreatment process flow
2Spraying process flow
3Workshop management ability

Skills: (required, e.g. proficiency in EXCEL, micrometer...)

1. Able to use a film thickness gauge

2. Adjust the parameters of the spray gun

3. Understand the parameters of the pre-treatment potion pool

4. Know the parameters of spraying production line

Personality traits: (e.g., caution, adherence to principles, not greed for small gains...If there is no special personality requirement, please do not fill in.)

Personality traits
1Modest and diligent
2Good sense of service

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